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It began in 2005 after seeing the need for materials on the blogs from overseas... We weren't brave enough to order from abroad, so the idea has born: let's dye for ourselves! First we tried it using natural dyes (we love it even nowadays but currently we don't sell those). There was somewhat less successfull projects, but in conclusion we managed to produce beautiful items - which we have shown on our blog - and there was no turning back after that...

Originally we only dyed for personal usage, but more and more people asked if they can buy the threads and fabrics so that's how our little company was born. After a few years we switched to the use of texile dyes and we keep expanding our color palette. Due to the huge amount of interest, we have seen that here, in 2021, it is time for us to open our own webshop, where the lovers of embroidery can order fastly, smoothly and safely.
Thank you for the years of trust and we wish you a pleasant shopping!