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Hand dyed pure silk ribbon, 2 mm wide - Tutti Frutti
Hand dyed pure silk ribbon, 2 mm wide - Tutti Frutti
4,10 EUR

Hand dyed pure silk ribbon, 2 mm wide - Tutti Frutti

This is a hand dyed 100% pure silk ribbon for hand embroidery, primarily for ribbon embroidery and decorating.
This item is 1 skein - 2 m / app. 2,2 yard 2 mm wide beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon.
4,10 EUR
Bonus point : 0,41 EUR
Some information about Barbaral Creations products:
- we dye all our threads and fabrics with textile paints and although the colors are fix, complete color keeping is not guaranteed,
- so AFTER THE STITCHING the washing do not recommended mainly for the dark and red shades.
- if it is necessary, only rinse it in cold or lukewarm water (max. 30 Celsius/86 Fahrenheit) BEFORE THE STITCHING.
- ironing may be done on the right temperature to the material's consintency.
- all of our products must be kept away from UV light/direct sunlight in order for them to keep their colour and quality.
- each set of dyeing may slightly be different in color as these items are specially hand made. That’s why you can not be guaranteed to get the exact same colored skeins within two different dyeings. If it is important for you to get flosses with identical colors, please ask for them from the same dyeing.
- please note: the colours might look different on every monitor, the colour shades may be given back differently by your screen, due to that, it is possible that the product in reality may differ in color from the one on the photo.
- we ship all our items ONLY REGISTERED MAIL /with tracking number/! This is the only way I can give you money back guarantee for the lost packages.
- all of our products come from a pet and smoke free dye-studio.
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