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Loyalty Rewards Program

Barbaral Creations Loyalty Rewards Program

How does the point system of the work?

The system is based on purchases made in the webshop and gives points after a given amount of spending, which they will be able to redeem later on. Please note, that only our registered customers are eligible for these points!
Every purchased item worth 10% of its price (sale items 5%) when exchanged into points. So, for example, if you purchase an item worth 100 EUR, you will get 10 points, after your order is considered complete. An order is considered complete when it is shipped and paid.

If a customer breaks the contract (for example, orders an item, but they don't pick it up or they send it back an opened item, which is damaged and they do not take responsibility for the damage) then our webshop reserves the right to delete the received points.

The points are valid for 4 months, after that they will be deleted. Within for 4 months you can redem it for any items in Barbaral Creations webshop. There will be also be items that can only be purchase with points.

How can I know how much points do I have?

Every new registered customer and newsletter member automatically receive 10-10 points. Points are verified once the order is considered complete. Verified points can be checked on the user profile, clicking on the Points menu. Orders that are not picked up or have been sent back do not worth points.

Extra points

From time to time, we would like to gift our customers and so, sometimes some of our products worth more points than others. Extra points are also validated after marking the order as completed.

You can be informed about the extra points and products that worth more points in our Newsletter or on our social media sites, where besides our discounts, you can also see our new products.

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